Zerubbabel, My Servant

In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the LORD, and will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the LORD of hosts.

Haggai 2:23

I read this verse this morning out of the book of Haggai and I just had to share with you, in some way, the power and promise that stuck with me when I read it. I’d like to share with you for just a moment a few things about this man Zerubbabel and why at the end of the book of Haggai he is called by God “Zerubbabel, my servant.”

The story of Zerubbabel does not begin in Haggai nor does it end in chapter three verse twenty-three with this extraordinary promise that God will make him “as a signet.” The story of Zerubbabel actually begins in Ezra chapter one when Cyrus king of Persia makes the decree to rebuild the a house to the Lord at Jerusalem. In Ezra one verse three Cyrus sends out a call for anyone who is still faithful to God to go and to be apart of this construction project.

We see already while the people are in captivity Zerubbabel is still faithful to God. He had the spirit of God working in his life as Ezra one verse five states when it says that there rose up men of the tribe of Judah, from which Zerubbabel was a part, that were raised by the spirit of God. He was obviously a leader not only from what the book of Haggai says about his position of governor of Judah, but also because in the book of Ezra and in Nehemiah before it begins its lists of who left to go to Jerusalem it says “These are those that went up with Zerubbabel.” He had influence amongst other Jews because of his godliness.

It says, “went up with,” which means that whether or not these went with him Zerubbabel was going. Also speaking to his quality of leadership, take a look at the number of people he lead out of Persia. In Ezra we see he lead 42,370 men plus their women and servants who numbered 7,337 plus 200 singing men and women; that’s 49,907 people that Zerubbabel is responsible for. He was obviously a godly man because, as Ezra three verses two and four tell us he lead the people in worship and sacrifice.

He was also a man dedicated to the sanctification and purity of the worship of God. In Ezra four when the people of the land come and want to continue their methods in syncretism by adding the worship of Jehovah into their religious practices, Zerubbabel, along with the other leaders, stand up and say “No.” He was faithful despite the potential persecution. In Ezra 5.2, after they have been threatened not to build this temple to God, it says that Zerubbabel began to build the house of God despite the danger of it.

All this is just a very quick over view of the character of Zerubbabel that we find so now we go back to the original text in Haggai where they have been called under conviction from the man of God to build this house to the Lord and it says in Haggai one verse twelve that Zerubbabel and the rest of the people “obeyed the voice of their God….and the people did fear before the Lord.”

Again we see God working on the heart of Zerubbabel in verse fourteen it says, “And the Lord stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel..”  But move on down again to chapter two God encourages Zerubbabel in verse four and actually gives him the promise of his presence because they are doing His work. So we’ve seen all these things, the kind of character that Zerubbabel displayed the kind of heart that he had towards God.

So now we can come back to Haggai two verse twenty-three. Haggai is closing out the book, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and God has one last message and its for Zerubbabel.

In verse twenty-three it says “I will take thee Zerubbabel,” meaning literally that God will take and accept Zerubbabel. Then God calls him His servant. We find in Ezra five one when the people write their letter to the king of Persia they call themselves the servants of God but here God actually looks at Zerubbabel and says “my servant.” Then God makes Zerubbabel a promise, “I will make thee as a signet” God promises to use Zerubbabel as seal as a token of His power and authority because, or for, as it says “for I have chosen thee, saith the Lord of hosts.” God made good on His promise too. Later in Zechariah four verse seven it says “Who art thou O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain.” God promises great victory and even success in verse nine it says “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid this house his hands shall also finish it.”

God even goes on to include Zerubbabel in the family of the Messiah in Matthew one verse twelve and thirteen we see how he was part of the bloodline that brought the Saviour into the world.

Why? Why all this for Zerubbabel why take all this time to look at this man? Why did this verse strike me so much this morning? Because of the blessings and rewards he was promised? No. Because of his part in the bloodline of Christ? No. Because of a simple two word description penned by the man of God at the command of God; my servant. Did God call him, the mighty governor of Judah? No. Did God call him the builder of the temple? Did He even name the temple after him? No. He called him my servant. I pray that is how my life can be summed up. I pray that’s how God would look at me. I pray that God almighty in heaven creator of all things would look down and say “Ransom, my servant.” Do I have the heart that God could work in? Do I have the character that God can be glorified with? I pray that I can have said of me by Him and I hope you have that desire as well: to be called the servant of God.

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About Ransom

Hello, my name is Ransom Maggard. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. My life's purpose is to glorify the One who paid the penalty for my sins.
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19 Responses to Zerubbabel, My Servant

  1. Zerubbabel says:

    you summed this thing up. Obiviously by the power of God. You cant get no clearer than that. Plz to meet you, hit me up anytime. One love in Christ Jesus. Zerub

  2. ray says:

    god emphasizes and makes public his acceptance of zerubbabel as his servant to fulfill the deepest wish of zerubbabel

    it’s a win/win!

    so, well-interpreted…

    as for whisperings in the ear of cyrus…. sounds like you were righteously struck that august morning of 2007 and are adding finishing touches

    cheers, ray

  3. ambrose says:

    I am blessed to have come across your insight and my i be found to be faithful to serve God in every area of my life. God make me a Signet. Amen

  4. Ransom says:

    I’m thankful you were blessed by this post.

  5. Ian says:

    May the Lord honor your willingness to share…

  6. Pala Hadassah says:

    I too was blessed by your post. I too was awakened this morning with one name in my spirit, “Zerubbabel.” Which led me to your post while searching studies on Zerubbabel. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Selina says:

    i do not know what is happening, but this morning when i woke God laid in my heart to read about Life of Zerubzbbel, am still confused because even though i know mighty men of God in the bible, the name Zerubabel never really mattered before, infact let me say i havent known much about this man, so i asked my husband this morning about the name Zerrubabel, he then explained that he is a man of God in the bible, he actually quoted”Before Zerubbabel mountain shalt become plain” and as i am at work now there is this thing that pushes me to read about this man, i thank God because of the revival i got from this article and i am praying to God to reveal to me the meaning of all this revelations,

  8. Zerubbabel Dourlings urlingson says:

    Am even sharing tears.

  9. FLORENCE says:

    what is the meaning of the name Zerubbabel?

    • Ransom says:

      As with most Biblical names, its direct meaning is somewhat unclear but it carries the idea of (with bot Hebrew influence and Babylonian) of “Being out of Babel (or Babylon)” either as “seed of or scattered from Babylon” or “Born of Babylon.”

  10. FLORENCE says:

    what is the meaning of the name Zerubbabel

  11. Julia says:

    While doing my study on the book of revelation,i ran acrossthis name in a commentary note with a citation to Zechariah. I had never heard of this name and threw favor of God that this man obviously had. Thank you for sharing this post, it was a blessing. Is there a way to subscribe to these posts?

    May the Lord be praised and glorified in all that we do.

  12. Karen says:

    Thank you for that beautiful meditation. And to think, God offers us even more: Exodus 33:11, Song of Songs 5:16, Isaiah 41:8, JOHN 15:15, James 2:23. Think of it! What humility! He is truly on our side and safe to trust!

  13. Su Burke says:

    A word in season for me . Looking to open a Retreat Centre here in the Preseli Hills in Wales (Pontygafel Christian Retreat Centre on Facebook) and was feeling daunted. Came across Mr Zerubbubel and your teaching and now it’s not by might nor by power but by My Spirit and the mountain will become a plain. Feeling MUCH better . Thank you

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  15. BriGette McCoy says:

    One of my favorite people of the bible. His story is a “signet” for all to look upon. Having favor with God is evident.

  16. Rhonda says:

    Riveted! The scrips you cited God introduced to me many years back…without revelation. I did know He likened me to Zerobbabel and that.”signet” is of extreme significance, as is being “chosen”. Moreover these scrips, along with Zech 4:6 have lived with me…so much so that I use various renditions of the name Zerubbabelel in reference to myself in everyday life…but this “servant”characterization is what stopped me in my tracks. Of late, I reflect back on a time when God explained why He chose me to work at a church he sent me to. “Because you don’t have an agenda, you simply want to do whatever I tell you to.” for some reason…this conversation and others I had with God around the fore mentioned scrips keep coming up in my spirit and churning around in my mind. I perceive I am on the brink of a powerful breakthrough and turning point catapulting me past a mountain that will become a plain before me through no effort of my own rather SOLELY by the Spirit of GOD in me. I even see in my minds eye myself as a somewhat transparent glove filled with God’s hand. Now so many heretofore unanswered questions and seemingly crazy unrelated things in my life fit together and make sense! Hosanna in the Highest!
    Thanks to your post … I KNOW it isn’t my imagination or presumption nor extreme coincidence. This is GOD! And Purpose. My purpose, I’m about to embark upon the assignment I am created for. Everything, EVERYTHING I’ve encountered to date has been process and preparation not always initiated by God, but ALWAYS under His control including the mountain of cancer and associated ailments. I see now that it ALL MUST WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD … because I love Him and am called according to His purpose. Now faith to know everything is going to be alright allows me to trust and rest. SELAH. THANKS Ransom.

  17. Selene says:

    Wow, I Had been listening to my audio bible. It ended up at Haggai 2, of which I hadn’t listen to. I began to read the chapter and it hit my spirit. I’ve said, that I am a servant of God so many times, whatever He wants me to do, send me! I have a heart after him. I just believe God! we all have challenges, mountains to conquer, I declare and decree to you I am still a servant of God, no matter what the problem is, I am a servant of God, through test and trials, I still trust God! Thank you, for giving us the revelation of God. God is the same God, yesterday, today, & forever. May God bless you and you family. You may not know how you have touched people from the revelation that was given to you by God! God Bless!

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