Don’t Waste Your Apps: YouVersion

What app do you use more than all the others?

More than the ESPN app, the Facebook app, or the FourSquare app, -all of which I have- you should have a Bible app and it should be the one you’re going to more than all the others.

If you really want an excellent Bible reading app you can wade through dozens of pages of different apps, try it, delete it, try another, delete it, or you can get a really, really good one: YouVersion.

YouVersion is an excellent app because of the options and special features. It’s available on a range of devices including iPod/iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. The options include:

  • Notes (that you can share across devices and even online in a community or just access them on your computer later)
  • Community to view other people’s notes on the same passage
  • Huge selection of versions in other languages that can be accessed online or downloaded to your device so you can access it whenever you need
  • Ability to change font sizes, and other settings
  • Bookmark passages that you may need to access quickly (like in preaching or sharing with others.)
  • Share passages on social media venues like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Reading Plans based on a bunch of different options like Topical Plans, Devotional Plans, Whole Bible Plans, and dozens more.

This free app can be downloaded from the App Store here, or for any of the other devices on the YouVersion website, which also allows you to access your account, reading plans, and saved notes.

If there’s on app you should be clicking more often than others, it’d better be the one connected to the Scriptures.

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About Ransom

Hello, my name is Ransom Maggard. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. My life's purpose is to glorify the One who paid the penalty for my sins.
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4 Responses to Don’t Waste Your Apps: YouVersion

  1. Henry Troup says:

    Beware – you cannot unsubscribe from YouVersion. There are no delete my account options.

  2. john henry says:

    I just found that out. I signed up for Youversion and find it creepy and invasive in the extreme. When I tried to unsubscribe I find that I cannot. Hard to believe but so far I have not found a way. There is not even a way to contact them.

    DO NOT!!!!!!! Sign up for youversion.

    If you really feel that you must, first create a hotmail, yahoo, gmail or other throwaway email address to sign up under.

    I don’t know what Youversion is up to but it feels Satanic to me.

  3. john henry, relax dude! I’ve joined Youversion way back in 2007, maybe 8, maybe even 9, can’t really remember but haven’t received one single bit of spam or unwanted email from them. TO the contrary; I’ve been enjoying my account and my interaction with Youversion a lot!!!

  4. LohCL says:

    I have tried various Bible apps and have bought various Bible software. Somehow the simplicity of YouVersion strikes me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Bible reading and the devotionals that are comes with it. The notes are a bonus if I want to read them. This app has been a tremendous blessing to me and it has been used to speak to me a lot of times.

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