About This Blog

The World is Not Enough is dedicated to encouraging and edifying the Body of Christ and equipping Christ-followers with the Word of God to glorify His name world-wide. Its purpose is also to expose those who are not familiar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to it and to further expose those who are familiar with it to be born of the Spirit into the family of God.

The World is Not Enough is a Christian blog wherein God’s Word will be brought, explained, and applied. In this exposition and application the goal is to proclaim the Gospel with the end being faith in Christ and glorification of God by the reproduction and continuation of that faith and the doctrines of the Word of God.
This blog also serves a means to communicate the blessings the Holy Spirit brings to our minds while we study His word. In so doing the development of a personal theology is being made. Not a theology dictated by my personal opinion but a theology that is made personal.

These are the goals for this blog in 2013

  • To share lessons that I’ve been learning personally in regard to my life, the ministry(ies) the Lord allows me to participate in, and my personal devotions.
  • To bring practical applications for Christian living by offering practical insights, such as how-to’s, tips, and directing towards resources that will aid the believer in their pursuit of holiness.
  • To bring a more focal presentation of the nature and character of God to provoke us to good works
  • To offer resources that will provoke us to godliness
  • To exposit the Scriptures to the glory of God
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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